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Discounts on Quality Human Hair wigs  And Synthetic Wigs, Since 1998. All Major Brands. Hassle Free Returns, Call us, We Love To Help. Welcome to the simplest way to achieve an entirely new image for yourself. Whether you are looking for a brilliantly fun way to sprinkle new style throughout your fashion accessories or you would like to research a discreet yet beautiful means of addressing hair loss, such as real hair wigs for cancer patients, you are virtually guaranteed to find a solution that is ideal for your personal needs and preferences.

If this will be your first time purchasing human hair wigs then you might be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of wigs. Of course, it is quite evident that there are many different styles of hair wigs, such as wigs for women versus mens human hair wigs. In addition to those, however, you can also select from several fundamental divisions within the different types of wigs that are available.

The first of these fundamental human hair wig design types is the cap wig. A cap wig is essentially the foundation of a full wig. You might think of this type of wig as providing a means to build your own dream wig. This is because you can then order any style of hair you choose and have it attached to this base according to your exact specifications.

The hair that is attached to this foundation or cap is known as a weft. The process by which this hair is attached to the cap will largely depend on the overall quality of the cap and, of course, how much you are willing to spend on your wig. For example, cheap human hair wigs are more often than not affixed to the cap by means of a machine. But if you are searching for a high end option then you should take care to look for those that feature hand sewn or even hand tied wefts. While you can still find a good number of very high quality machine sewn or machine weaved wigs, those that have been sewn or tied by hand will be able to offer you a much more elegant approach to style. Handmade wigs almost always feature a much greater attention to detail. Also, the variation of the artisan while they tie your wig typically is unmatched by a machine.

Also, you can take advantage of real hair wigs for women that have been designed for daily wear as well as wigs that are simply intended for a special night out on the town (or a week on a cruise ship). We have many styles perfect for fall and winter seasons. And thanks to 100% human hair wigs it's never been easier to gain the confidence you desire and show how beautiful you already truly are, both inside and out, by wearing one of our many styles of wigs, extensions, or hairpieces!

Among the ever popular styles that you can choose from are wigs for black women and African American wigs. These are offered through an excellent variety of styles that allow you to essentially choose a new image every day if you wish. Select wigs based on how you'd like to express yourself both socially and professionally.

Maintaining your hair pieces is an important part of owning a wig. Fortunately for you we carry a full line of care products, from mannequin heads to store a hair piece while not in use to barrettes and liners to accentuate it while in use. We carry both desk stand mannequins for home use, and collapsible ones for traveling. We also have a full bevy of combs and brushes, to help you style your hair. We carry shampoos and other maintenance products to help prolong the life of your hairpiece and keep it looking its best year after year. With the proper wig care products and resources you can easily maintain natural looking wigs.

Now is a great time for a new addition to your fashion inventory. We have great deals on many of our products. Go ahead and try something new, such as one of the latest European human hair wigs which boast the very latest high-hair fashion elements from abroad! You are sure to find a number of models that will provide you with ideal permanent additions to your personal fashion and beauty collection.

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Celine Remi Human hair lace front by Estetica Designs
List Price: $1,239.80
Our Low Price: $1,116.00
You Save: $123.80
Celine Remi Human hair lace front by Estetica Designs
Human Hair Wig by Estetica Designs
23" Grand Extension by Hairdo Fall
List Price: $99.00
Our Low Price: $84.15
You Save: $14.85
23" Grand Extension by Hairdo Fall
23" Extension a Heat Defiant Synthetic
Angelina Remi Human Hair by Estetica Designs
List Price: $1,279.80
Our Low Price: $1,152.00
You Save: $127.80
Angelina Remi Human Hair by Estetica Designs
Remi Human Hair long length wig by Estetica Designs.
Chanel Human Hair by Estetica Designs
List Price: $999.80
Our Low Price: $900.00
You Save: $99.80
Chanel Human Hair by Estetica Designs
Remi Human Hair Wig by Estetica Designs. Medium length