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Chemotherapy wigs

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Chemotherapy wigsThere are many chemotherapy wigs available that will allow those who are experiencing the effects of this treatment continue to look great and feel confident.

There are some things you can do before you choose which chemotherapy wigs may be best for you.

Tenderness of the skin and scalp  can be a symtom of chemotherapy, so a comfortale cap is typically sought after.  A double monotop wig is made of very fine fiber and feels nice and soft on your skin.  However, many of the companies have moved to softer and more supple products that feel great and will not irritate your skin.  Wig comfort has increased so much in large part due to the manufactures abiliity to utilize tiny yet flexible fibers in their caps. Many times the most comfortable wig is the one you feel and look your best in, primarily because you know you look great and feel confident as a result.

Also, determine whether you will choose a synthetic or human hair wig product, or both.   Synthetic wigs typically cost less and have less maintenance. However, nothing looks or feels like a human hair wig, and your ability to maintain them is part of the reason they last longer.  Their added durability  make human hair wigs a better value than they first appear.  It may be nice to have a wig that is more ready to wear like a synthetic. However many people will still feel more comfortble and confident in the most natural looking wig possible.  Make no mistake, synthetic wigs are natural and beautiful and come in more colors and styles than you could imagine.  You just cant take them to your stylist and have them cut, styled and colored ( if necessary), like you can a human hair wig. 

 If you have any questions at all, please call us at 1-888-655-WIGS and we will guide you to an appropriate choice.  

Feel comfortable knowing that at Humanhairwigs.org, we carry the highest quality chemotherapy wigs in both synthetic and human hair.  

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