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Mens Human Hair Wigs

When you think of mens human hair wigs, the first thing that comes to mind is those horrible hair pieces of the past that always looked fake and were always slipping off the man's head. When you think of hair pieces, it's easy to imagine loud plaid jackets, used car salesman, and your substitute math teacher. Well, fortunately, mens human hair wigs have come a long way.

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Today, mens human hair wigs come in every style, length, and color. If you want to look like a sophisticated Gentleman Quarterly's Executive, you can. Or if you prefer the young, edgy rocker look, there's mens human hair wigs for that, too. Or maybe you just want something in between, you can find that, also.

Mens human hair wigs are made with very fine hair strands that are hand sewn and can be attached with a gentle glue or strong tape. These mens human hair wigs can also be cut and died any way you prefer. Many places offer this service when they sell you the wig. You can send a picture of yourself or a picture of someone else and they will cut it to exact specifications.

If you want your wig to feel its best and look the most natural, there are a few things you should consider. First, think about how you normally wear your hair. You don't necessarily want people to see a drastic change when they look at you, you want them to see a healthier, younger you. Find a wig that is similar in color, or have it dyed to match your own hair. When you have it cut, you should have it cut so that it blends in with your own growing hairline. You will also want to consider comfort. Mens human hair wigs are usually either attached with glue or tape and you should try both to see which is more comfortable for you.

If normal mens human hair wigs still seem like old hairpieces to you, then you might consider a new system of bringing back that youthful look. Some companies have now created a wig where each hair follicle is implanted into a special material that looks and feels similar to natural skin. It's held firmly in place without knots or loops and looks so much like real hair that no one, even your own family, will guess that it's not yours.

The great part about this service is that it is a monthly fee and you go every 4 weeks to have your wig adjusted to look real. You tell your friends and family that you are going in for your monthly haircut and they will never know the difference. This way, your hair really looks like it is growing. You can have different styles and no one will ever know it's not your real hair. This new type of mens human hair wigs is becoming very popular as it becomes more affordable.

Whatever type of mens human hair wigs you choose, it's a good thing to invest in yourself. If having more hair helps you to feel more confident, then it's time for you to find your own mens human hair wig.

Even if they pretend not to care, there is a part of every man who fears losing his hair. Thanks to men's human hair wigs you can redo your look and feel more confident about who you are and live life the way you want.

Once you get men's human hair wigs, there are a few things you can do to make sure they last and look great.

One particular area of caring for a real wig that often tends to surprise men is that they actually require regular shampooing just like a real head of hair would require. Men's full human hair wigs should be shampooed approximately once every week. But take care not to wash them too often. If you shampoo the wigs more than twice a week you are increasing the likelihood that it will lose its texture faster. It will also benefit your hair piece to look for shampoos with 100 percent all natural ingredients to avoid residue buildup that can potentially damage your hair just as it would with natural hair.

The frequency with which you shampoo your hair piece will also depend on what types of activities you participate in while wearing your piece. For example, if you live a more active lifestyle then you will want to wash your piece slightly more often. On the other hand, if you typically only wear your piece for just a few hours a day or use it in a less physically strenuous atmosphere that doesn’t involve as much perspiration then you can get by with less washing and extend the life of your piece with a biweekly cleaning.

In addition, you can also extend the life of your wig by staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible and avoiding prolonged periods of excessive heat. When it comes to men's human hair wigs heat can definitely shorten their life and lead to dulled brilliance of color. You should also avoid using hot water on them or blow drying them with hot air.

Furthermore, using hairspray on your natural wig should also be avoided. Although you may think that hairspray can help you better manage your men's human hair wigs, in all actuality they can ruin them. The alcohol in the spray is a nightmare for your hair, so look for organic solutions instead.

Follow these care tips and you’re sure to maintain a natural look that will help you maintain an image that will promote full confidence at all times!