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Although men's wigs can be attached in a number of ways, one of the more popular ways is by doing it with a liquid adhesive. Using such an adhesive can be tricky, but helps provide a more natural look once you figure out how to best use it.

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Included here are some tips on how to best attach your men's wigs using a liquid adhesive.

  • Apply baby oil – Before putting on men's wigs, put a bit of baby oil around the hairline to avoid getting your hair potentially stuck on the adhesive when you remove your wigs.
  • Keep it thin – Apply thin layers of adhesive. If you must use more than one layer, make sure the first layer dries first. You can use a hair dryer on the adhesive the speed the process up.
  • Spray adhesive with alcohol – Just before you attach your men's wigs, spray a bit of alcohol on the adhesive. This will give you 30-60 seconds to adjust your wig properly before the adhesives completely take hold.
If you follow these steps, your men's wigs will look better and you will feel better about them.

Many of those who are looking for wigs for men don't realize that buying the wig is only half the battle.

It is obvious that it can be a long, arduous process to choose the best wigs for men. First of all, the wig needs to fit. Then it needs to be the right style. Then it needs to be the right color, etc.

However, even after wigs for men have been chosen, there is still work left to be done. Because wigs can be expensive, men will want to take extra special care of their wigs. There are several things they can do to ensure that their wigs last for a long time.

  • Shampoo, but not too much – Wigs for men need to be cleaned, but if they are washed more than twice a week, they could begin to lose their liveliness and texture.
  • No heat – Obviously you can't avoid the heat on a summer's day, but when you are at home, avoid letting your wigs for men get too hot. Do not use a hair dryer.
  • Gotta have the products – While many men may not be used to using a lot of hair care products, wigs for men requires that men have the right kinds of shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays to increase the life of the wig.
If a man follows these guidelines, his wigs for men will become a much better long-term investment.